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Replacements, additions, ugrades and complete systems. Whatever your needs - we can help you put it all together.

From display stations to communications hardware, and everything else in-between we offer genuine IBM, and all popular third-party solutions.

Printing Solutions
Choosing a printing solution requires the right information and maybe even some expert help. Check here for tips and information.

New vs. Refurbished
Advantages to each - which is best for you? Check this out for the pros and cons.

Purchase options
You know you need it . . . now how do you get it? Read about your options for purchase, lease and rental.

Surplus Inventory
It used to be shiny and new, and it's served you faithfully - but now you don't need it anymore. Turn your surplus equipment into cash, or use it as a trade-in for the things you really need.



































We buy, sell, rent & lease Midrange Hardware and peripherals.

Choosing the best products is a vital part of your decision . . . getting the right deal is also important. Explore this section for information, tips and help in making great hardware decisions.

AS/400, System 36, RS/6000, Netfinity
Buy, Lease, Rent, Trade - it's your choice! Impact and Laser - from desktop to production solutions
Turn your surplus hardware into cash!
Genuine IBM and popular third-party peripherals
Should I buy New or Refurbished equipment?

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