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New vs. Refurbished Equipment

What's the best solution?

Choosing between new and refurbished hardware provides you with the flexibility to tailor a solution to fit your particular needs. At MINT Computer we help you weigh the advantages of each approach, giving you the options you need to maximize your equipment acquisitions.

MINT Computer carefully tests all of our refurbished equipment to make sure it performs to factory specifications. We then clean it to like-new condition and carefully pack it for shipment to you. All refurbished equipment comes with our 30-day Warranty and is guaranteed to qualify for IBM Maintenance (where applicable).

In many cases, current model hardware is available refurbished, at substantially lower cost. For older equipment, it may not be possible to find a current model replacement, making refurbished hardware the only choice.

New hardware carries the advantage of factory warranty which ranges from 30-days to one year, depending on the product. The higher cost may be justifiable when maintenance costs are figured into the total cost of the equipment.

In some cases (such as IBM printers ordered from the factory) shipping costs can be an issue. Larger printers that ship new from the factory with shipping included (in most states), may provide generous cost savings.

Each equipment need offers a choice of solutions. Why not let us help you with your needs - we'll make sure you don't overlook the solution that would work best for you.




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