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Find the current model printer to replace your older IBM printer.

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IBM Printing Solutions

IBM offers a wide range of printing solutions for your enterprise. Choose a link below for information sheets, manuals and other resources for these printers.

For additional help, pricing information, or to place an order, give us a call today!

  3130 Advanced Function Printer
  A reliable, departmental laser printer designed for multiple-host and multiple-end-user environments.
  3160 Printer
  A versatile, low-cost, printer with the speed and capacity to meet both high-end and departmental needs.
  4230 Printer
  A low-cost, heavy-duty family of serial matrix printers with a wide range of printer placement options.
  4232 Printer
  A high-speed, compact, quiet, and highly reliable impact printer at an entry level price.
  4247 Printer
  This high-speed, reliable impact printer can be loaded with up to six different types of forms at once.
  6262 Printer (withdrawn from marketing 6/99)
  (withdrawn from marketing 6/99)
  6400 Printer
  Heavy-duty, cost-effective, quiet printing with a small footprint.
  InfoColor 70
  A cost-efficient, high-speed, full-color, duplex printer with offset-print quality.
  Infoprint 2000
  The Infoprint 2000 offers a wide range of powerful digital features, including an open architecture, networking capabilities and better print and image quality.
  Infoprint 20
  A cost efficient laser printer with flexible paper handling for medium-to-large workgroups.
  Infoprint 3000
  A high-speed, high-quality, printer with a small footprint and affordable price.
  Infoprint 32 & Infoprint 40
  High-volume workgroup printers with full finishing options and copier-like capabilities.
  Infoprint 4000 Duplex
  For continuous forms duplex printing at either 240 or 300-dpi resolution.
  Infoprint 4000 Micr
  A high-speed, high-volume printer featuring cost-effective Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.
  Infoprint 4000 Simplex
  A high-speed, high-volume, cost-efficient printer with exceptional reliability and print quality.
  Infoprint 4000 Direct Mail
  Flexible, reliable and cost-effective printing for your direct mail operation.
  Infoprint 4000 High Res
  A versatile, duplex printer with the resolution and speed for both on-demand and production applications.
  Infoprint 60 w/Finisher
  A multifunctional document finisher for single-pass stapling, page insertion, saddle-stitching, and z-folding.
  Infoprint 60
  A cost-effective, high-quality, cut-sheet printing system.
  Infoprint 62
  A heavy-duty, simplex printer that can accept a wide range of media types, sizes and weights.
  Infoprint Color 8
  The IBM Infoprint Color 8 prints high-quality color documents from a variety of applications.
  Infoprint Color 100
  High-quality, wide-format process-color for enhanced print-on-demand applications and variable content publishing.
  Infoprint Hi-Lite Color
  A post processor for highlighting important information with up to three colors anywhere on a page.
  Network Printer 12
  Compact and robust, providing high performance and excellent print quality.
  Network Printer 17
  Compact and incredibly functional, with sophisticated paper handling.
  Network Printer 24/24PS (withdrawn from marketing 6/98)
  (withdrawn from marketing 6/98)





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